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Empower students to create a sustainable future.

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Today, many teachers advocate cross-curricular approaches that bring relevance and meaning to student learning.

Cross-curricular learning helps make practical connections between subjects, and equips young people with the skills, knowledge and understanding to prosper in a globalised world.

But it can be challenging finding time to plan teaching and assessment that engages learners and meets cross-curriculum priorities.

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Inspired Energy
Education with Impact

Zero Positive is an innovative educational program that makes it easy amd exciting to teach school students about energy efficiency.

Learning experiences are based on your school's own energy data, supported by comprehensive teacher resources and interactive digital tools.
Teachers can easily create collaborative projects across maths, science, social science, english, arts and technology learning areas.

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Bringing Data
and Science to Life

Zero Positive is practical, engaging and aligned with the Australian Curriculum, from foundation right through to senior secondary.

Underpinning the program is sophisticated energy metering technology. Your school's energy use is monitored and recorded, along with any energy generated by solar panels.

Students can design strategies to change energy use in the school and measure the effectiveness of their ideas.

Use Zero Positive for Exciting
Cross-Curricular Outcomes

  • Maximise teaching outcomes
    Comprehensive unit plans, lesson plans and student resources enhance the quality of lessons, while teaching becomes more time and resources efficient.
  • Encouraging pathways for further discovery
    Students can broaden and deepen their understanding of themselves and how their actions influence the world around them.
  • Inspire students to learn and problem solve
    Students seek to apply real-world knowledge, understanding the value and relevance of what they are learning.
  • Promote student success
    Applying concepts in different ways provides an alternate pathway to student learning, creating a strong sense of achievement.
  • Build professional connections
    Teachers develop a deeper appreciation of each other's expertise, enriching lessons and learning opportunities for students.
Year 4 students at St Thomas Primary School, Goodwood, SA, produced this short video and presented it to the school community at assembly.

Cross-Curricular Learning Developing Students'
Skills in a Range of Learning Areas:


  • Research
  • Scientific experimentation


  • Script writing
  • Public speaking
  • Presentation


  • Statistics
  • Data Analysis

The Arts

  • Costume and set design
  • Drama
  • Videography
  • Composition


  • Editing video footage
  • Adding sound effects
  • Green screen filming

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Democratic processes
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving

Empower Your Students to Lead the Way to a Sustainable Future

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Ignite Learning with the Right Tools

School Portal

Interactive resources to track, visualise and analyse your school's own energy data over days, months, seasons and years.

teachers toolkit
Teacher's Toolkit

Detailed unit plans, lesson plans and activities for students from Year 1 through to Year 12.

knowledge bank
Knowledge Bank

References, research and resources for self-directed learning, all in one place.

Planet Watch
Planet Watch

An exciting app that gamifies sustainable behaviour and demonstrates the impacts of energy consumption.

Power Widgets
Power Widgets for School Website

These handy web widgets allow schools to showcase their individual energy data on their school's website, providing easy visualisation of school energy usage.

Engine Room
Digital Tools and Apps

Use the Public API and the Engine Room to interact with data in depth.

What participants are saying about the program

"As teachers, we're time poor. This definitely makes things easier, by replacing something we're normally doing."

What participants are saying about the program

"Energy sustainability is an abstract concept. Zero Positive makes it tangible."

What participants are saying about the program

"Access to live data is great. It makes the kids curious."

What participants are saying about the program

"It stimulates curiosity. Kids want to see how other schools are doing, the best and the worst, and find out why."

What participants are saying about the program

"It helps kids understand the importance of data, and makes it simpler to teach."

What participants are saying about the program

"Teacher resources are very worthwhile and lighten the load."

What participants are saying about the program

"This program has integrity. It doesn't push some corporate agenda."

What participants are saying about the program

"We'll be introducing this to our entire teacher team. It makes things easier and has good educational value and outcomes."
Frequently Asked Questions
What year levels does Zero Positive suit?

The Zero Positive program has detailed unit plans, lesson plans and activities to suit students from Year 1 through to Year 12.

Yes, energy metering is the core of the Zero Positive program. The live data recorded by the meters is used to create learning experiences in the program.

When your school joins the Zero Positive program, we'll coordinate the installation process to make sure you get the right meters in the right place.

No. The friendly team at Zero Positive provides personal support and training to help you get the most out of the program. You will also be supported by your school's nominated Teacher Champion, who will receive training in the entire Soar Schools product ecosystem.

A number of education departments already subscribe to the Zero Positive program. Contact our friendly team to find out if your school already has access to our ecosystem of resources.

The program is proudly presented by the team at Zero Positive. The team includes experts in technology, sustainability, education and the Australian Curriculum.

Join Us and Make a Difference.

Empower your students to lead the way to a sustainable future.

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